This site is aimed at making it as easy as possible to listen to a curated set of updating music.

It’s very easy to use, simply click on one of the buttons below to be taken to a youtube playlist of the days most popular music. The songs will be refreshed every 8-12 hours with more popular songs staying around for longer.

Read more in the about section of the why & how.

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  • listentothis: Discover unknown Artists (Multi-Genre)
  • ilikethissong: Listen to a well-curated list of songs that are generally liked (Multi-Genre)
  • indie: a variety of indie music
  • house: same again, but house this time
  • rnb: yep, but this time R&B.
  • downtempo: yes

Do it yourself!

Can’t find your favourite Genre? Don’t worry! We have you covered! Look at this massive (and probably incomplete) list of channels you can listen to! Then fill in the name of the subreddit into the above box. For example, if you want to listen to r/psychedelicrock, then fill in psychedelicrock into the box above.



If you look at the urls of all of the above playlist generators, one thing you will see in common is that they are very similar to reddit subreddits. Congratulations astute reader, this is exactly what it is! I am (admittedly pretty lazily) scraping a subreddit every 5 hours and generating a playlist with the youtube videos that I pick up.

If you know of a subreddit that has music you really like, then construct the url yourself (consider it an exercise for the reader) and start listening!