About Page

Welcome to the about section. This is my super hacky project, enjoy!


Two main reasons.

  1. I wanted to experiment with writing and developing and deploying from my new chromebook. For those who are interested, I used the google-cloud editor and found it works pretty well. Just disable Ublock for the domain, otherwise some things break.

  2. I spend a lot of my time in front of a computer and I like music. I have been using spotify for the last year and a half, but it keeps putting me in ruts, it’s very annoying. This is an attempt to add more variety to my listening habits.


This was a fairly simple project which I threw together using chalice, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and some text-wrangling. All in all it’s a fairly simple project which has most certainly not been tested.


Rather than have a nefarious TODO list somewhere in the repository, I thought it would be more fun to list out some things that may be nice-to-have.

  • Add simple tracking for no. clicks per subreddit. This wouldu give me an idea of which to promote
  • Allow for creating playlists from new/controversial/best && time
  • possibly allow for playlists spanning multiple pages…
  • Terraform for the infrastructure (really though…)